Packing Cesca seats safely


We encourage you to send us seats or backs from 'Cesca and other types of chairs for re-seating with cane webbing, but we'd like to emphasise how important it is to pack your seats securely.

 Bubble wrap and brown paper are not enough! Seats need to be protected by strong cardboard - without it, the joints at the corners can work loose in transit, leaving us with an extra job - re-gluing the joints - before we can begin work on the caning. Parcels do occasionally receive knocks during their journey from your house to our workshop, after all!

On the left you can see an exceptionally well-packed parcel. Here you can see some seats wrapped as follows:
  1.  The seats are individually wrapped in bubble-wrap; 
  2. the group of seats is then wrapped together with another strip of bubble-wrap; 
  3. the oversized double-walled cardboard box is lined round the edges with “bags of air”; 
  4. below and above the seats a layer of polystyrene beads has been added. 
  5. inside the box the customer has placed a letter with his own name, address and phone number; 
  6. Finally the box is well secured with strong parcel tape, and carefully labelled with our address and the sender's address.  


The seats in the photo on the right are an example of over-packing. The customer has taken time to ensure that absolutely no damage can come to their seats, but in the process they have given us at least half an hour's extra work, removing the packing. They have cut out the cane webbing in the centre of the seats, and wrapped the seat frames all the way round with bubble wrap, which was fixed on very securely with very strong tape. In order to remove all this we more or less destroyed the bubble wrap, so it couldn't be re-used for sending the parcel back.

 It would have been just as safe, and a lot quicker at both ends, if the seats had been individually wrapped in bubble wrap, as in the example above, and then placed inside the nice strong box the customer provided.

 If you're packing a single seat you can get away with the following: 

  1.  Wrap the seat itself in bubble wrap, and secure with sticky tape; 
  2. Split a cardboard carton and use the cardboard to wrap the bubble-wrapped seat; 
  3. Make sure the cardboard is well secured with good strong parcel tape; 
  4. Ensure you put your own name, address, phone number and email address inside the parcel, as well as on the outside. I can't emphasise this enough. 

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