SitUpon Seats Welcome page You are very welcome at the online home of Cumbria's famous woven seating specialists. Please pull up a cane or rush chair and make yourself at home.

At SitUpon Seats we specialise in repairing woven seating of all kinds. Over the years, cane, rush, seagrass and many other natural materials have been used to produce comfortable seats, and we will happily undertake the repair of any of these.

We sell materials too!

If you'd like to re-seat your own chair, please visit the e-commerce part of our website where you'll find everything you need in the way of cane, rush, seagrass, Danish cord, coloured cotton cord, as well as our famous and popular home-published instruction books by Ally McGurk.  SitUpon Seats Shop

But Cumbria's too far away! Isn't it?

Perhaps we're not as far away as you think. We have had customers bringing their chairs from Wales, Southern and Central Scotland and the Midlands, and getting back home the same day. Also, as we're on the fringes of the Lake District, many people come for a holiday and bring their chairs with them. With prior arrangement we can usually reseat the chairs while they're enjoying their vacation, and they can take them home on their return.

 We may be able to collect and deliver your seats

 An Edinburgh lassie, Ally has settled happily in Cumbria where, along with her Cumbrian partner, Steve, she runs this business with its musical, internet and craft departments.
She often travels back to the Scottish capital to visit friends and family, which makes it very easy for customers in Edinburgh, the Borders or the Lothians to arrange to have their chairs collected and delivered.
There are several possible routes between Cumbria and Eastern Scotland, through such Border towns as Selkirk, Galashiels, Hawick, Peebles, Jedburgh, Melrose, Biggar or Langholm. Chairs can be collected and delivered en route.
 Customers living in South West Scotland, from such places as Dumfries, Gretna, Kirkudbright, Castle Douglas, Wigtown, Whithorn or Stranraer, or those from North East England can arrange to meet up with her in Carlisle for collection and delivery of their woven seats.
 We can, of course, come and collect your seats from other places, such as North East England, including Newcastle, Northumberland and Durham, but if we make a special journey for collection or delivery, a charge to cover expenses will have to be made. We have even driven as far south as Yorkshire and Lancashire on occasion.

 Do it yourself!

Many of our customers, of course, are keen craftspeople in their own right, and we do our best to supply all the materials they may require to produce their own woven seats. As well as cane and rush, we also carry centre cane for basket makers, seagrass and various types of cord, caning tools, Danish cord, ready-woven cane webbing (rattan webbing), plywood basket bases, and a few more  unusual things. Don't despair if it's not on our price list - fire off an email toally@situponseats.co.uk or chat to us on the phone (01900 813200) - we may be able to order it in for you.


 Please take some time to browse the site. We can offer interesting information about the history and origins of cane seating and rush seating and it would be a shame if you left without visiting the Museum of Interesting Chairs. You never know, if your chair turns out to be as interesting as the ones shown here, it may too feature on the website one day.

 Visitors by appointment only, please

While we love to meet our customers, please note that we do not have a retail shop. If you contact us first, either by email or by phoning 01900 813200, we can arrange to have ready whichever materials you may be interested in. But please don't turn up unexpectedly!
Sometimes we're very busy; sometimes we're taking the dog for a walk. Whatever we're doing, if we don't know you're coming we won't be able to give you the attention you deserve, so please do let us know first that you'd like to come. We'd love to meet you!

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