Seagrass and cord seating


Reseating chairs (and particularly stools) in seagrass or cotton cord is very popular, and can also be used successfully on seats that were previously rush-seated.

Seagrass comes mainly from China and the Far East: it arrives in the UK ready twisted, like a rough, stiff rope, and comes in two thicknesses. It can be woven in a variety of patterns, traditionally either in a chequerboard pattern or the rush pattern, but many others are possible. It's attractive and possibly even stronger than rush.

Seagrass looks rather like a very heavy grade string or thin rope. Danish cord also makes a very nice seat which looks almost the same as seagrass, and is much easier to use as the twist is more consistent. For more info on Danish cord, please see our Danish cord page.


Cotton cord is lovely and soft to work with, and is about the same thickness as seagrass. It comes in its natural, creamy colour as well as a large range of beautiful colours. Please click to see our cotton cord page for colours available.

We can re-weave your seats in any pattern you like with cotton cord or you can buy some for your own use from our shop. (N.B. If we are doing it for you, we have a few other colours available which are no longer on sale in the shop, so please ask.)

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